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WHY? WHY! Wealthy Healthy You! UK

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

On Saturday 10th June we hosted a wonderful event - the Wealthy Healthy You DUOLIFE seminar. A great atmosphere, lots of positive energy and speeches from international leaders with a huge dose of knowledge. The event took place at the MK Dons football team stadium inside the Doubletree by Hilton hotel in Milton Keynes.

Our speakers: Alicja Son – TEDx and International Speaker, Author & LifeCoach

Dariusz Mietlicki – International Director of the DUOLIFE Club

Ivana Kičikoleva – National Director of the DUOLIFE Club

Iulia Plesa – Senior Manager of the DUOLIFE Club

Paweł Lenar – General Director of the DUOLIFE Club

Bartosz Królikowski – Co-founder and President of the Board DUOLIFE S.A.

Swann Xerri – Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Expert

Dietmar Dahmen – International Director of the DUOLIFE Club

Mirosław Adamczyk – General Manager DUOLIFE S.A.

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